Become a Haywood County Champion

Champions are everywhere; you encounter them every day. Friends, coworkers, the teller at the bank, the teenager next door. Champions don’t necessarily perform extraordinary feats. Rather, they make the quality of their lives a bit better by committing to smarter, better, healthier choices, and, in doing so, they inspire the rest of us to—just maybe—do likewise.

A few more vegetables, a few less cookies. A few more steps, a few less complaints. A smile that says, “I feel good, and you can feel better, too.” That’s a BE MORE champion. A business that makes it easier for employees or customers to live healthier. That’s a BE MORE champion.

Are you that person, making it easier for others to commit to being more? Join those in your community who are championing the cause of better health.

Sign up as a champion, or—better yet—share your story.